We organize fishing trips in the province of Oulu and Lapland

Closest recreational fishing places to the city of Oulu are Kiiminkijoki river and little further away Iijoki river. In these trips we can combine canoeing and fishing.

Ask also for our longer trips, for example river rafting and fishing trip to Lainiojoki river in Sweden.

Fishing in Koiteli and Kiiminkijoki

Koiteli is more than just a pretty view, it is also a place to experience new things.

Want to try fishing in flowing water?

From us you can rent the basic fishing equipment suitable to beginners.

In addition to Koiteli rapids Kiiminkijoki river has 70 other special white water areas for fishing.

Our guide will help you to find the best ones!

Fishing permits

Fishing permits can be bought from the internet (finnish website www.kalastamaan.com), ABC /SHELL gas station Kiiminki, Grilli-kioski Kiiminki and also straight from the Tunnelmatupa cafeteria.

Of course in our guided fishing trips we take care of all of these formalities and you get to enjoy the main part - being in the nature and fishing.

Same fishing permit will allow you to fish everywhere along Kiiminkijoki.