Hiking and trekking in North Finland

Hiking programs are tailor made for every group.

Northern Finland is a hikers' paradise and there is a wide range of National Parks and hiking trails to choose from.

Trails are well maintained and services along the route are various, from simple fireplaces and teepees to rental cabins.

Whether you want to experience Finland's forests, mires, rivers, hilly landscapes or Lapland's fells - we know where to take you.

Hiking in the Oulu area

Guided day trips in vicinity of city of Oulu are organized to Sanginjoki and Kalimenlampi recreational areas. These hiking trips give you an insight to the nature and our forests that are often accompanied by water, small ponds or rivers.

Duration of the hike is 2-4 hours.

Trip includes transportation, guiding, small snack, coffee and a sweet bun by the fire.

Wilderness trekking

For longer trekking trips we often travel all the way to Lapland using our own minibus.

Trekking trips can be done using a base camp, sleeping overnight in a cabin and making hikes to the surrounding area and interesting places.

More adventurous journeys are "self sustained" and we carry everything we need with us.

Closest wilderness trekking places to Oulu are Syöte National Park and UKK hiking trail in Puolanka municipality (few hours drive away from city of Oulu).

Wilderness trekking trips in Lapland are done in the natural park of Kevo in Utsjoki and Lemmenjoki area in Saariselkä.

Sightseeing and culture of River Kiiminkijoki by car

Hop in to our minibus and we will take you around the best natural and cultural sightseeing places by the river Kiiminkijoki.

After about 2,5 hours drive from Oulu we will arrive to one of the highest natural waterfalls in Finland.

Hepoköngäs waterfall in Puolanka municipality is 24 meters high and surrounded by protected nature reserve.

From Hepoköngäs we continue our journey following the Kiiminkijoki river by car.

Stops are made to explore small rapids and cultural sights and of course, to enjoy tasty lunch by the fire.

There is possibility to try your luck fishing in some of the best recreational fishing places of the river.

Kiiminkijoki sightseeing can be done in one day or as an relaxing overnight trip, spending the summer night in local accommodation and enjoying sauna, midnight sun and good local food.