Overnight safaris

The schedule of our long safaris is truly comprehensive. During a journey of three days we cover most aspects of an enjoyable Lapland experience. You'll be riding husky and reindeer sleighs and driving snowmobiles. A distance of more than 200 kilometers is covered as we enjoy the beautiful scenery of the Lapland.

Overnight safaris start from the Kittilä airport right after you've arrived by plane. We'll put on the snowmobile gear at the airport, have a driving lesson and off we go.

Our forest route to the cottage takes about an hour. Your luggage is already brought there by a car. The cottage is our base for the next two nights. The start of the stay includes also having a sauna and an appetizing dinner.

The residence is far from populated areas so it's a fine place to observe stars. If we're lucky we'll see the northern lights dancing in the sky.

After two days and rich with many more new experiences we'll head to Levi for your hotel.

Over night safaris / hole day safaris!

Duration: 1-3 days
Group size: min 10 persons and max 16 persons
Fee includes:almost everything :)
snowmobile and all equipment (2 persons/snowmobile), lunch, dinner, sauna, accommodation, huskies, reindeers and guiding in English
Reservation / more info: info@backwoodaction.fi or +358 400 686382 / Harri